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It was a nice problem to have, but after 25 years of his kids bringing home tennis trophies, Mark Recht couldn't find any more room to put them. They had already taken up all the open space in the basement, and finally the attic tapped out, so about five years ago Recht stopped by Easter Seals Arc of Northeast Indiana to see if they could use them.

"The first time went to my car and I brought in a box and they were like, `Thank you so much for the donation,' " Recht recalled. "I held my finger up and said, `Wait a minute, I'll be right back.' I think I brought in about 10 boxes."

And then Recht did another clean out and donation a few months ago, this time probably taking in about another 300. He kept all of son Ryan's 10 men's singles trophies and daughter Amy's eight women's singles awards from the City Tennis Tournament, but he took the plaques off the all the others. Finally, there was room to move a little around the Recht household.

So what does Amy do Monday night? She starts a new collection by winning her ninth women's singles title to tie Lee Ann Berning's career record on the women's side and pull within one of Ryan's all-time overall record. Recht, 27, defeated former Bishop Dwenger star Audrey Rang 6-4, 6-4 in a hard-hitting and entertaining match at Swinney Tennis Center.

The men's match wasn't quite as interesting as Andres Cobos finally solved Gonzalo Vivas's lefthanded forehand which gave every other tournament opponent fits. After losing in last year's finals to Josh Rifkin, Cobos, 22, won 6-4, 6-1 for his first title. Cobos led 3-0 in the first set before Vivas rallied to cut the margin to 4-3, but he was never able to counter Cobos' power and first serve.

"He got a little depth with the speed of his balls and kept pushing me back," Vivas said.

It seemed when Vivas was able to take advantage of Cobos' second serve, he could control play by making the former IPFW player from Guatemala City, Guatemala run from side to side to control his power. But Cobos was too big and strong for that strategy to work too long and he wore down Vivas, who is from Lima, Peru.

Power was also the determining factor in the women's final, but in a different way. Recht usually blows away her opponents using per pace, daring them to keep up, but Rang could hit with her from either side. Because she hasn't been playing regularly of late, Recht had to change strategy, using lobs, drop shots and moving Rang from sideline to sideline.

Recht led the first set 3-0 before Rang got her strokes down to rally within 5-4. Rang got off to a fast start in the second set with a 4-1 lead, but Recht kept her moving. It was obvious that the closer the match got, the more fun both players were having, especially Recht.

"That's the type of match that I've been looking for," Recht said. "I don't feel like I can hit the power just because I haven't been hitting like that. Not being used to that, I had to find a different way to play and try some new things, which kind of stinks because that's the type of player I like to play."

This is Recht's ninth title in the last 10 tournaments, but there was no women's open singles last year because of a lack of entries.

Next year she'll try for a really important trophy to tie Ryan's record. He won his last title in 2010 before moving to Texas where he is a teaching tennis pro.

First, she'll have to make sure dad doesn't give No. 9 away.

Most City Tennis Tournament singles titles


Lee Ann Berning 9; Amy Recht 9; Kay Schoenefeld 6; Lorraine DePew-Aumiller 5; Sue Weigand 4; Veda Stevens 4; Phyllis Nahrwold-Reisgies 4; Jeanne Smith-Harter 3; Joan Obergfell-Couch 3; Natasha (Joshi) Nuerge 3; Rachel Janssen 3, Brenda Hacker 2; Marion Faux Fremion 2; Edith O'Rourke 2; Jackie Porter 2; Joy Foelber-Andrews 2; Johanna Hall 2; Franchel Bennett 2.


Ryan Recht 10; Les Ortlieb 8; Dr. Miles F. Porter, Jr. 7; Dudley Johnston 7; Luke Grossman 6; Steve Beier 6; Ray Gorney 5; Paul Scherrer 5; Stan Weitz 4; Paul Dammeier 3; Ronn Heathman 3; Jay Smithley 3; Clinton Burton 2; Bruce Bolyard 2; Herbert Stephens 2; Bill Herr 2; Jim Wilson 2; Bob Schelper 2; Joey Christoff 2, Derek Carpenter 2, Tom Murphy 2.

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